Throughout my life I was always eager to learn new things, put them into perspective, challenge myself and my partners. I go the extra mile to come up with positions which are thought through and balanced out. I enjoy engaged discussions around various topics and I am never shy to express my points, but always willing to take up a better argument from my discussion partners.

Think - Rethink - Do it!

I believe that you achieve the best results by iterating a topic with different people to have various views building your view and create common sense. But: Focus and discipline is absolutely needed! Otherwise you go round in circles.

Watch - Listen - Walk

is something you learn early in life when it comes to cross a street safely. You can read books and study endless, but if you don‘t walk you never reach the next level - even sometimes you may need to walk back .... If you want to read a book: Exponential Organizations from Salim Ismail

Under THINK I will from time to time share my views on change, focus and commitment!